About Us

Smith Constructors & Engineers, Inc. was founded over two decades ago in 1991 by Dan Smith. Incorporated on November 6th in the state of South Carolina, our intention and focus were in pursuing a broad spectrum of commercial and light industrial construction projects such as educational facilities, restaurants, office buildings, and light manufacturing facilities. Since our inception, Smith Constructors has completed many commercial projects in South Carolina and the surrounding states. We have built pharmacies, restaurants, libraries, retail stores, municipal facilities, medical facilities, and light manufacturing facilities among many more.

Dan Smith, is still the owner of our company to date. Through his leadership skills and consistent commitment to delivering professional construction services. Smith Constructors & Engineers, Inc. has grown to be a recognized leader in the commercial and light industry construction in the region. We are a full-service entity providing a wide range of construction solutions for your need including pre-construction services, ground-up construction service, design E-build services, and renovation/remodeling services.

Over the years, we have created a stronghold in South Carolina but we have also undertaken major retail construction services in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee.

At Smith Constructors & Engineers, we base our construction philosophy on a team approach in every project. Through our approach, every member involved in the project – the owner, architect/engineer, and our company as the general contractor has the same obligation to achieve a common goal, which is to develop the best facility at the most economical cost to satisfy all the owner’s needs.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Daniel A. (Dan) Smith, Sr. serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. A 1973 graduate of North Carolina State University with a BS degree in Civil Engineering-Construction Option. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and General Contractor in several states. With over forty-five years in the construction industry, Smith is experienced not only in project management but also in the commercial, industrial, power, environmental, institutional and retail fields of construction and engineering.