At Smith Constructors & Engineers, Inc., we pride ourselves in successfully completing many projects under our design-build approach. Throughout South Carolina and the surrounding southeastern states, we have successfully designed and constructed educational institutions, medical facilities, commercial buildings, libraries, and light manufacturing facilities among others, through our design-build approach.

With our design-build construction services, we undertake both the role of developing your facility’s architectural design as well as its actual construction. Using this system has many advantages over the traditional “design-bid-build” approach where the owner hires an architect or engineer to design their facility’s plan, and then separately hire a contractor for the construction work through the normal bidding process. This process is not only time consuming, but it is also costly when compared to the design-build approach.

Need a few solid reasons why you should consider our design-build construction services?

Guarantee of undivided responsibility

Your design and construction requirements will all be under one single contract. You will work directly with Smith Constructors throughout the project, always having adequate access to costs and budgeting reports, schedule plans, quality assurance delivery, and the project’s general progress. We guarantee you an immediate response and undivided attention to your project through to its completion.

Our team will help you in conceptualizing your project’s estimated total costs at an early stage so that you can plan your budget well. Through continuous and concurrent estimation of overall costs during the design and pre-construction stages, we will give you a clear picture of what costs to expect in every stage of the project.

Fast turnaround of the project and cost-savings

Our design-build construction services will offer you huge cost and time-saving benefits because you will no longer need to wait for your project’s commencement as you advertise, receive, and review bids from contractors. Project budgets and costs will be established early in the design phase, making it easy to control project costs from the very start.