Building from the ground-up is quite exciting for both an owner and contractor. However, it can be quite challenging because you are starting from a blank slate and developing something totally new. Experience, expertise, and professionalism are required in ground-up construction projects for successful results to be realized.

At Smith Constructors & Engineers, Inc., we are more than experienced in offering ground-up construction services. Throughout 25+ years of operation in South Carolina and the surrounding states, we have handled many ground-up construction projects including pharmacies, libraries, schools, retail stores, light manufacturing facilities and medical facilities. 

Experience and access to construction resources and technology gives us an edge over our competitors. We pride ourselves on being able to handle ground-up construction projects on time and within budget, while never sacrificing quality. You will need to get accurate estimates and detailed blueprints for your project to execute on time and within your budget. With ground-up construction, planning is the crucial piece to guarantee success.

Our team at Smith Constructors pays keen attention to detail in all the phases of your ground-up project.  Starting at the planning phase, we strive to keep the project on schedule while keeping costs down through careful budgeting. We balance the three basic factors in our guiding principle – Quality, Time and Money– to ensure that we do not sacrifice any one of them.

What are the benefits of ground-up construction to you?

Ground-up construction allows you to have all the control you need over your project’s design and specifications, from start to finish. Unlike renovation or remodeling, during ground-up construction you are not limited by certain constraints such as size, accessibility and existing conditions. Building from the ground-up gives you the opportunity to contribute to your project’s construction process at each and every step.

Why hire us for your ground-up construction?

We always strive for honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence in any services that we offer. Whether we are your project’s architect or not, we will handle your ground-up construction correctly the very first time. We will keep you and the architect engaged throughout the construction process to ensure that all the players – the owner, the architect, and Smith Constructors – goals are aligned towards realizing the success of the project.

Contact us today to learn more about our ground-up construction services or to get a bid for your project!