Remodel & Renovation

Remodel & Renovation

No matter your property type or renovation/remodeling project scope, Smith Constructors & Engineers is here to help you transform your property into everything that you envision, and perhaps even more. We are a recognized leader in the construction and remodeling of commercial and light manufacturing facilities in the whole of South Carolina and its surrounding states.

We have a team of highly skilled architects, engineers, builders, project managers, subcontractors and customer service personnel to help with every step and aspect of your project. For over 25 years, we have renovated and remodeled buildings all across the southeast. Our markets include:

  • Retail stores
  • Commercial buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants
  • Education institutions

Want to create more space for your commercial business or manufacturing industry to accommodate its growing needs? Our commercial renovations are not only aimed at making your facility bigger, but also improving the working environment for your workers improving your work operation flow and even helping your business re-brand itself.

We can also help you with the entire transformation of a facility so that the new building services a completely different function than what it is currently used for. For example, we can help you transform a former restaurant to a medical facility, pharmacy, retail store or even a library.  Our remodeling and renovation scope is limitless, and no project is too big or too complex for us to handle.

Commercial remodeling and renovation is quite different from residential remodeling. There is more at stake, in terms of money and time. There are also many building regulations that need to be adhered to. At Smith Constructors, we know all about commercial renovation and remodeling in South Carolina and therefore you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

With our design-build approach, we will engage you in every step of the way through our team approach. You will get to contribute at every stage of the renovation project. Our operations within your premises will be highly controlled to ensure optimal safety and minimal disruptions if the building will be occupied during remodeling/renovation enabling the owner to continue operations and to make money while the renovation is underway.

Our remodeling and renovation services are prompt, timely, competitively-priced, and always satisfactory. Contact us today for more on our remodeling/renovation services or to get a bid for your project.